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“When someone mentions the great fishing in the Kamloops region, Roche Lake automatically springs to mind. It was one of the lakes selected to host the World Fly Fishing Championship in 1993. Famous for its fly fishing qualities, Roche is a consistent producer of rainbows in the 2-4 lb. range. Larger trout up to 12 lbs. have been caught in this lake. Dry fly enthusiasts are treated with a great Caddisfly hatch starting in mid June and continuing through the first week of July. Chironomids, damsels, dragons and mayflies along with leeches and scuds are all vey abundant in Roche. Situated in an area with several other great trout lakes close by, Roche is a natural choice for a fabulous fishing vacation. 
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“Roche Lake is one the more high profile BC fishing lakes that consistently produces for all anglers. Enjoy your fly fishing vacation at the provincial park campsites (2), any of the rustic campsites at the surrounding lakes or spoil yourself at the fabulous Roche Lake Resort.”

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